Soldering Stations
Soldering Stations from the World Leader. Weller® brings you an extensive line of soldering stations to meet the needs of today’s industrial marketplace. From simple soldering tasks to demanding production applications. Weller® has the solution for your needs.
Hot Air Stations
The advanced technology of Weller hot air stations ensures greater controlled precision when soldering and desoldering sensitive SMD components.Medium to large SMD components are extremely susceptible to thermal and physical damage.Weller hot air nozzles, with in-built hot plate, provide gentle preheat contact to the component followed by a controlled hot air flow being directed to the leads of the component. An in-built vacuum pick-up within the nozzle makes the removal and replacement of the component safe and easy without damaging the circuit board pads or component leads. When using the WHA 300 for the removal and placement of large SMD components, a vacuum tweezer is required.
Weller® has a high performance, fast response, line of industrial desoldering stations to meet the demanding needs of a production environment. Weather you are using shop air or are using a self-contained unit. Weller® has the right desoldering solution for you.
BGA/QFP Rework
Weller remains at the forefront of Rework Technology. As on board components have become more and more complex Weller has led the field with innovative, user friendly repair and assembly tools that solve the rework problem. The introduction of the BGA was no exception, with its small footprint area, hidden connections, and high connection density, rework operators have been presented with very real placement and thermal problems. The WQB 3000 / 4000 machines are the second generation of the Weller BGA/SMT repair system. They meet the exceptional demands required of a modern rework tool and deliver the benefits at a value for money price. Weller has developed a comprehensive user friendly program for the removal and replacing of BGA components, site preparation, solder paste printing / flux application, placement and reflow, without the risk of thermal damage to the component or the circuit board.
No matter what the component, BGA, QFN, QFP, PLCC, SOP, PGA or surface mounted sockets, Weller has the rework answer.
Fume Extraction
In response to the growing awareness of the dangers, of fumes, in today’s production environment Weller® offers a complete line of fume extraction systems. These systems can be integrated into your current production environment to give you safe and efficient removal of noxious fumes.
Soldering Iron & Tips
The Weller® soldering Irons Feature High precision and very fast heat up time. The ergonomic design and high performance of Soldering irons allow fine soldering jobs. As well as heavy duty tasks. A wide range of soldering tips makes them versatile for any job.

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