Insulation Resistance Tester up to 1000 V
  • Selectable test voltage: 250V, 500V and 1000V.
  • Resistance measuring range up to 999MΩ
  • Tough rubber armored case and self contained protective cover
  • Live circuit warning
  • Intelligent safety system for protection
  • Weatherproof to IP54
Insulation Resistance Tester (Megger) up to 5/10KV
  • Selectable test voltage: 50V to 1KV in 10V step 1KV to 5/10KV in 25V step
  • Resistance measuring range upto 15TΩ in 5KV model 35TΩ in 10KV model
  • Automatic IR, PI, DAR, SV and DD test
  • Mains or battery power
  • On board memory and RS232/USB port for downloading
12KV fully Automated Capacitance and tanδ Test Set
  • Extremely easy to use, without any extensive hardware/software set up
  • Designed to work in high interference switchyard of up to 765KV
  • Built in capability for storing, printing and downloading test results
70KV, 120KV & 160KV DC Dielectric (HIPOT) Test Set
  • Designed for maximum operator safety
  • Lightest weight available in air-insulated high-voltage model
  • Advance performance with long-term reliability provided by filtered half-wave rectification (operate like a full-wave rectified unit)
50/100KV AC Dielectric Test Set
  • Permits ANSI A92.2 for tests on aerial bucket trucks
  • Output current meter with guard circuit for ANSI A92.2 leakage current measurement
  • Designed for maximum operator safety
Primary Current Injection Test Set
  • Output current up to 2000A
  • Constant current output (current level maintained throughout the test)
  • Built-in timer to record protection relay operation
Secondary Current Injection Test Set
  • Test output up to 100A AC, 240 V AC, 240V DC
  • Auxiliary output up to 120V AC for directional relays
  • Integral custom timer for testing IDMT relays or CBs
Protective Relay Test System
  • Consists of ‘Power Box’, unique TouchView Interface and AVTS software.
  • Ultra flexible output design provides up to four phase voltage and current or eight phase current.
  • NEW constant power output capability

Automatic Oil Test Set (Oil BDV test set)
  • Microprocessor controlled fully automatic
  • Test voltage up to 100KV
  • Pre-programmed international test standards like IEC156, ASTM D877 etc
  • In-built printer and RS232 port for downloading/printing results
Karl Fischer Test Set (moisture content in oil testing)
  • Tests/titrates sample with specific gravity from 0.60 to 1.40
  • Results in µg, ppm, %
  • Uses any commercially available reagents
  • In-built printer
Transformer Turns Ration (TTR) Tester
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Highest ration measurement (45,000:1); Highest accuracy (0.1%)
  • Measures all power transformers, PTs and CTs
  • Built-in storage and downloading capabilities
Digital Micro Ohm Meter (Low Resistance Ohmmeters)
  • Test current up to 600A DC
  • 0.1µΩ best resolution
  • On board memory
  • RS232 port for downloading/printing results
Battery Impedance Test Set
  • Tests battery on-line
  • Determine condition of cell up to 7000Ah
  • In-built printer

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