F. W. Bell

7000 Series Gauss Meters
  • Bright 1/4-VGA readout
  • Fully menu-driven for easy operation
  • Large electroluminescent graphic display
  • Auto Zero and Auto Calibration
  • Over 100 standard probes available
6000 Series Gauss Meters
  • Large Format LCD
  • Dual 33/4 digit readouts
  • Temperature measurement
  • Displays in Gauss, Tesla or Ampere/Meters
  • Peak Hold
5100 Series Gauss Meters
  • The Best Accuracy in its classThe only handheld instrument utilizing DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Probe Included
  • Auto Zero
  • Min/Max Hold
4100 Series ELF Meters
  • Low Cost, Small, Lightweight, and Portable
  • High Accuracy
  • Gauss or Tesla Display Units
  • 0.1 mG /.01?T resolution
  • Low Battery Detection
Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect sensors are a type of semi-conductor that produces a linear voltage output in relation to magnetic field intensity when a constant current is applied to the sensor. Hall Effect sensors are popular in industry for such purposes as sensing rotors of brushless motors and in other applications where contactless sensing of moving mechanical components is required. Hall Effect sensors are immune to environmental conditions that easily effect electro-mechanical type sensors that they replace. Hall Effect sensors are also utilized in FW Bell contactless current sensors.

FW Bell produces a complete line of Hall Generators for almost any application. We produce in house thin film Indium Arsenide Hall Effect sensors that are especially sought after for small size, high reliability applications. In addition to these we offer instrument quality, high linearity sensors for demanding applications. Also, we offer several general purpose low cost sensors for those applications that do not require high accuracy. FW Bell will also custom design and manufacture Hall Effect sensors to meet our customers specifications. Our client list includes the leading suppliers to the aerospace, medical, automotive, instrumentation, research, alternative energy, and industrial fields.

Open Loop Current Sensors

Open loop current sensors measure DC and AC currents and provide electrical isolation between the circuit being measured and the output of the sensor. Typically, open loop current sensors cost less than closed loop sensors. They are preferred in battery powered circuits due to their low operating power requirements.

  • Small Package
  • Low Cost High performance
  • Low power consumption
Closed Loop Current Sensors

Closed loop sensors measure dc and ac currents and provide electrical isolation. They offer fast response, high linearity and low temperature drift. The current output of the closed loop sensor is relatively immune to electrical noise. They are the sensor of choice when high accuracy is essential.

  • Highest accuracy line of current sensors
  • Fast response, high linearity and low temperature drift
  • Relatively immune to electrical noise
Industrial Current Sensors

The line of industrial sensors offered by F.W. Bell covers a wide variety of features.

  • 4-20mA output levels or unidirectional voltage output
  • Available for AC or DC measurement
  • Connect without breaking the circuit
  • Panel mounted
  • Fully adjustable ranges
Magnetoresitive Current Sensors
NT Series
Unique magnetoresistive effect technology allows for the compact design that can be mounted directly to the PC board.
CMR-25 Series
The CMR-25 current sensor builds on patented company technology to offer superior sensor performance and accuracy in current measurement applications.
CDS Series
The introduction of the CDS product with its low profile and high performance features creates significant benefits for those who choose to apply it.

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